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Unique merger of legal insight & business instinct.

Business Formation and Structuring

We can help you structure the most suitable legal vehicle for your intended business purposes. Some of our services are:

  • Incorporation and Registrations in all Canadian jurisdictions;
  • Shareholder, partnership, joint venture, and other strategic alliance agreements;
  • Customized Articles of Association, By-law, governing policy and other corporate governance document drafting;
  • Management succession and executive compensation;
  • Shareholder relationship management;

Contract Advisory & Negotiations

We advise on drafting, reviewing and negotiating your business contracts.

We specialize both in agreements governed by Canadian law, and cross/multi-jurisdictional agreements.

We specialize in supply, licensing, distribution, OBL, marketing, franchising, outsourcing, agency, exclusive arrangements, independent contracting, and other commercial agreements.


We can assist you with ad-hoc or systematic compliance. Our compliance services will help you proactively identify risk and liability, design and implement solutions to address, mitigate and prevent them. we particularly specialize in sanctions compliance, and legal and regulatory compliance.

Recruitment and Employment

We assist you with your recruitment needs, and drafting customized agreements outlining the roles and responsibilities of each hired employee or contractor.


Thinking about growing your business with franchising? Thinking about expanding to Canada by franchising? We will help you structure your business accordingly and we will assist you with different types of franchise arrangements (direct, master and etc.), Franchise Disclosure Document, risk management, Restrictive covenants, compliance, licensing and more.

Buying & Selling a Business

When buying or selling a business, we will assist you with:

  • Due diligence in evaluating potential businesses or deals;
  • Negotiating offers and letters of intent;
  • Structuring the transaction (shar or assets);
  • Closing the deal;
  • Reporting, advising and drafting necessary legal opinions;

Dispute Management & Coordination

Disputes of considerable scale and complexity demand a different approach

When a potential or actual dispute arises, we will advise you to identify ultimate issues and significant influencing factors, define outcomes, and assess probabilities. We will then provide you with a dispute management strategy that will help you base your decisions on professional judgments rather than gut feelings. 

For big cross-jurisdictional disputes, we help you identify, and retain the best expertise for each aspect of your dispute. It is paramount that collaborations are led and coordinated in accordance with the overall dispute management strategy, and we help you do just that.

Proactive Risk Management

Best way to deal with disputes is to prevent them at the earliest opportunity.

We help you assess your business arrangements to identify potential risks, and we advise you on mitigating those risks proactively. We do this by:

  • Supporting you in negotiating new business arrangements with timely advice on all contract matters including risks and liabilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Helping you evaluate your current business arrangements to identify potential for risk and liability, and will advise you on mitigating and addressing them;


We litigate matters of contractual disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, oppression remedy, corporate governance disputes, and judicial review on business immigration decisions before the Federal Court.


We assist clients with disputes before different arbitral tribunals including but not limited to Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and International Court of Arbitration (ICC).